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This! Hand in hand! It's the most beautiful little gest i know! ❤️ From the first time with Nine and Rose - first episode I saw with The Doctor - to Ten and Rose... This lovely gest! ... It made me a Whovian ❤️ The Doctor... Hand in hand with his companion ❤️

from RadioTimes

19 times the Tenth Doctor and Rose were Doctor Who #RelationshipGoals

• REBLOG if you'd watch a spin-off of Doctor Who with Rose and Tentoo. doctor who David Tennant Billie Piper Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor ah yes ... < I have been thinking they should make at least one episode with what there life is like.

Donna Noble. The Doctor can tend to speak without thinking, and say hurtful things without meaning to. He's not trying to insult anyone, but it can make him seem cold<<<I'm gonna cry now. Donna you ARE special