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Something we loved from Instagram! Early morning geekery #raspberrypi by gazracing Check us out

Something we loved from Instagram! Done! Behold the GameBoy Zero! A Raspberry Pi Zero-powered instance of Linux running RetroPie for game emulation. I've got Atari 2600 NES Genesis SuperNES and GameBoy with more to come. Runs on a lipo battery for 3-4 hours of play. This is really the only way to get emulated games with physical buttons portableany emulators on smartphones will be touchscreen which just doesn't feel right on old games. Checkout if you want to build your own…

Shakeable digital dice program for Micro:Bit using Microsoft's Block Editor #bbc…

Pi-Top: The 3D-printable Raspberry Pi laptop anyone can build

In the interests of making computer-building -- and computers -- accessible to all comes the Pi-Top, a do-it-yourself, 3D-printable Raspberry Pi laptop.