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They are only ghosts, she tells herself, just like me, and in fifty years they might not even be the thinnest of air

Eltz Castle - Germany “ The Dark Stronghold by Kilian Schönberger ”. I've never before seen a picture of it in fog but always in bright sunlight. This makes it look so much different.

"A bird calls, distant and wounded. The woods are still as death. Quick steam huffs in and out of Geoff’s open mouth. And with that, the dangerous moment seems past. We gather wood and help Tom build his fire. As I pick up spare twigs and dried bracken, I wonder how far our sounds penetrate into the black forest, and how far our shouts echo along the White Road." -- from the novel Sinful Folk #Fog

Fog hugs the Misty mountain and small animals stay in their dens and burrows tonight. Photo by Loulou Beavers