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“You just changed the future!” “It’s called marriage, honey.” "What the hell are you doing?" "Changing the future. It's called marriage."

He remembers..... Ahhhhhh<<--I squeeed when he remembered her, and made references to spending different times with her. I still think he said Autons and not otters. I mean, what the frick?! Otters? Autons make more sense, at least they look slightly human, even if they are plastic.

ksc This.. just this! I forgot how great this was. Love it when people repin older pins ☺♥♥

The Doctor and his wife #DoctorWho #EleventhDoctor #RiverSong

And then you realize that River wasn't just teasing- he was busy dying that day.

Hilarious because 1- River said this in front of her parents (!!! ) and 2- Look at The Doctor's face. Bahaha! P

The Time of Angels: Series 5 Episode 4 | first broadcast on BBC One on April 24, 2010: begining of a two episode story that ends with Flesh and Stone: writen by Steven Moffat | River Song (Alex Kingston), Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and The Doctor (Matt Smith)

But as we know River's Dead in that library computer but she's always linked to Clara right!!??