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“You just changed the future!” “It’s called marriage, honey.” WHY do Whovians just conveniently forget he's married to River?! Even Moffat seems to forget it. It infuriates me. <-- not me! They are my favorite Whovian couple ever. EVER.

Doctor Who Timelines

I've been looking for this.. River's timeline and the doctor's, meeting points in respect to linear time. Brilliant!

my wisdom comes from experience, my passion comes from pain, my confidence hides my insecurities, my weakness makes me stronger, my past does not define me, my strength is an illusion, my calm makes a storm, my innocence is not ignorance #doctorwho

The whole entire time that eleven know River, all the adventures, every time they meet, eleven knows, in the back of his mind, the exact time River is going to die and there is no way he could stop it because its already happened. It breaks my heart that he has to lose another person and every happy moment he has with her the truth of the matter is always in the back of his mind.

The Perfect Ending to a Strange Life (Doctor Who fanfiction) - Chapter 40-The Angels Take Manhattan- Part Two