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“You just changed the future!” “It’s called marriage, honey.” WHY do Whovians just conveniently forget he's married to River?! Even Moffat seems to forget it. It infuriates me. <-- not me! They are my favorite Whovian couple ever. EVER.

He remembers..... Ahhhhhh<<--I squeeed when he remembered her, and made references to spending different times with her. I still think he said Autons and not otters. I mean, what the frick?! Otters? Autons make more sense, at least they look slightly human, even if they are plastic.

oh thats funny. The fact that Tenant is talking to River and so is Smith. And he's still pointing and laughing.

I like how he says "That's nice, but I'm married", because he is reiterating the fact of his marriage to River every time he states she's his wife or I'm married.

:'( Why isn't Doctor Who taught in schools??!! How much does it show us about human nature and emotion, kindness and tolerance of differences and celebrates the unusual .... and might actually keep kids interested.

Donna: His Friend. The Ponds: His Family Clara: The Sister He Never Had. Martha: His Companion. Rose: His Lover River: His Wife