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from Playbuzz

17 MORE Wholock Gifs That We're Glad Exist

We got a couple more for ya! Of COURSE some of them are weird, but I think our other ones gave you a good dose. But here they are. ( *whispers* they're beautiful....)

If you get this, I like you. <- this. This is so awesome.<---- one of the best WhoLock posts I've seen yet<--I would like to send a high five to whoever got this *highfive*<--- I except you're high five and send it on to the next Awesome person who gets this *highfive* <--- *highfive back"

from Shirt.Woot

How He Survived by Robbie Lee

How He Survived is a shirt on ShirtWoot! today only. I'm, unfortunately, not going to be buying one, but I needed this picture on my Sherlock board anyway!

"The books don't exist, but he does." - Head canon accepted. I'll just ignore that bit about how you're not supposed to go parallel universe hopping.

*to Mary* John is about to notice a rather revolting diaper in three, two, one... *John yells across the parking lot* *both Mary and Sherlock smirk*

*SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER* <-- Wait, Matt Smith has been confirmed by Moffat and Gatiss for the next season? Somebody fact-check this, please.