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merkaba drawing - Google keresés

#ToroidalBlueprint That which defines and underpins all structure, both at the atomic and planetary level is the hyper-dynamic, self organising smoke-ring-form of torus, the Blueprint of all Life and Involution. --Jain 108 Mathemagics

✡ Light is Consciousness: The Universe is Mental ☯ Nassim Haramein - From Quarks to Quasars, the most foundational energy flow structure in the universe: Torus.

transcendental holy geometry | Multi-Dimensional Journey |

Torus: the most foundational energy flow dynamic in the universe on all scales, from atoms to galaxies...

✣...The more we open ourselves, the more room we will have for Divinity to fill…

Torus #dailyconceptive #diarioconceptivo / Sacred Geometry <3