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Fossil's newest fitness band goes for fashion, hits the US this summer. The Q Motion tracks sleep, can be worn as necklace or bracelet...and seems a lot like Misfit's Ray.

You Can Allegedly Focus, Sleep, And Meditate Like A Champ With This Headband

The GO, a VR Headset for your Smartphone Posted in 3D VR and AR The GO is a Private Immersive Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display with game pad control for smarpthones up to 6″. The GO provides the most sophisticated optics correction method of its group. And ImmersionVRelia, producer of the GO gives a fine Android program called Alterspace, a free SDK for programmers, and more…. Alterspace on Android The AlterSpace is a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (A..

High-tech “smart bit” for horses in pipeline The new “smart” bit being developed in the US. Modern technology has given us the Fitbit – one of a range of activity-monitoring wristbands that have taken the world by storm. Now, a young US entrepreneur is promising us a technology-laden “smart bit” to help measure a horse’s fitness and performance in real-time. Yijin (Jake) Huang, a 15-year-old high school student from Missouri, is developing wearable tech in the form of mouthg..

StyleTech Exclusive! 15% OFF Pre-Order CatClutch Ultimate Evening Bag Every young lady needs a fully-charged phone battery and a cool outfit for a fun filled evening out! But it appears lately that carrying a phone charger is pretty much essential because of all the Instagram pictures and Snapchats from the fun night out, which winds up being an aggregate battery drainer! The Team at Creative Arts & Technology (CAT) has designed wearable art for us fashionable disco divas. A unique ..

Why Health And Fitness Are The Only Wearables That Matter On April 1, I started wearing a fitness tracker on my wrist. No joke. To be honest, it was not really my decision but apparently the device is a good way to monitor how little I walk, swim and run during the day. The device also claims to be able to tell me how much restful sleep I actually get although I have disagreed with the wearable every time I sync with the mobile app. The best bit about my fitness tracker? The dev..

In the World This Week: Augmented Reality Laser Tag and Flow Hive Turns 1 It’s never a quiet week at Indiegogo HQ, but we didn’t win an award this week like we did last week . This week we’re going to focus on some pretty impressive campaigns, both new and old. Tech News Father.io is not an app that helps you confess your sins. It actually turns your phone into a laser gun for an augmented reality version of Barney Stinson’s favorite game – and TechCrunch’s and The Next ..

The Real Story of How Amazon Built the Echo The talking speaker started as part of a secret augmented-reality project and ended up as a surprise hit. By Joshua Brustein | April 19, 2016 Illustrations by Neil Sanders Telling Jeff Bezos he’s wrong is always a frightening proposition. In the fall of 2014, though, a small group of the men and women building Amazon’s new voice-controlled speaker felt they needed to confront the CEO. The release of the speaker was loomin..

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