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Five Best Computer Diagnostic Tools

Computers are easier to use and more dependable with each new generation of hardware and operating system update, but that doesn't mean they're problem-free. Here's a look at the five most popular tools for troubleshooting your computer problems.

Megatrends-Living-Technology- Internet of Things-Everything will be conntected-Even clothes and other wearables wil be conntected to each other

Urban Get Home Bag Checklist

Recently across a great video by TheUrbanPrepper. It's about what you should put in your urban "get home bag" and how to organize it.

Electric Knuckle Guards: The Blast Knuckles Stun Gun Will Win Any Fight

21 Things You Should Be Stockpiling RIGHT NOW

If you're a new prepper, you need to start gathering these items. If you're already a prepper, you should check this list and make sure you have everything.

Why Big Tech Companies Are Going After Smart Watches

The smartphone war is heating up, but what exactly are these companies fighting for?