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[Madison Beer] Madison) hey I'm Madison *i smile* my siblings call me Madi, but they do it just to annoy me. I'm a very confident person, and also very independent. When i set my mind to something, I'll defiantly get it done. I use to be a cheerleader but that's a different story *i smile a bit wider* my twin sister is Lily, and we're complete opposites... but come say hi *i wink*

Hey I'm Madison beer I'm 18 and single but looking for the love of my life*i smile* my sister is Macy and my brothers are jack and Austin!

Hey I'm Madison I'm 17 and single...I will date who I want beaches they love me...I don't have friends I'm really shy so...maybe you will see me crying in a ally at night....

Hey I'm Madison *smiles* I'm 17 and single but I do have my puppy dog eyes open! *i blush* my brother is Austin he's over protective so I would not mess with me!