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So just because you are Justin Bieber, you think it's ok to violate people's space and just hug them?? Creepy! And why do you think that YOU hugging her is the solution to her problems. I would be like, "Get away from me."

That part about only watching it. You can still be a fan if you only watch lets plays, just not a hardcore fan.

So unbelievably true. I feel abandoned, but it's my fault because I am the one pushing people away.

They all just looked so genuinely happy in this video, it made me happy. It's my favorite video of theirs because of that. I feel like it captured their goofy essence so well

Jungkook XD || Then Kookie has moments like this and I smile because I still see the innocent man child he is and I just wanna give him the biggest hug ever ❤️

from daughter by design


Time for myself


Unlikely Animal Friends

.❤ animal is just like human. Have feelings, love and emotion. Should we consider converting to vegetarian?

I love them so much I can't even say. They saved my life and inspired me in so many ways it's unbelievable. Because of them and many other bands I stopped self harming. I'm gonna tag them hoping they see this even though it's highly unlikely to let them know that I love them and that I'm here for them just like they are for me. #realfanssavebands- Zoe Beth @xxpoisonangelxx