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Tech Tip: Making Twitter Easier to See in the Dark

Telegram levels up its bot platform with competitive games t

Messaging app Telegram adds selfie masks DIY GIFs

from TechCrunch

MIT’s new software makes multi-material 3D printing easy

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab aims to be the “Photoshop for 3D materials,” making it accessible to basically anyone.

from TechCrunch

Project Blue aims to snap the first picture of an exoplanet in Alpha Centauri

Artist's concept of how the system might look up close.

from The Next Web

Netflix will reportedly add offline mode before the end of the year

Everyone, including us, has been waiting for Netflix to add one specific feature: Offline viewing. And it might finally be coming.

Gig wants to make it easier for millennials to pick up casual work in catering and hospitality

Today's probably the day for Overwatch Halloween loot boxes

from TechCrunch

Apttus looks to the future with bots and virtual reality

Apttus looks to the future with bots and virtual realityLast year Apttus, which provides pricing, quoting and contract building on the Salesforce platform was growing at a crazy rate. It appeared to be headed to..

Check Im Here raises a million for its student engagement p