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Wudang Temple - Wudang Mountains, China

Jagged Stairs, Wudang Mountains Taoist complex, Hubei Province, China

Daoist Healthpreserving--Wudang Qigong,Wudang Taoism,Taoist Alchemy,Meditation,Daoyin,Fasting,Baduan jin

Photos of Wudang Master Wang

Zhang Sanfeng is called Chang San-feng or Zhang San-feng by some. He was a Chinese Taoist priest who has a fame of legendary culture hero. T Zhang San-feng is a martial master representing Wudang style. He has been credited by Chinese modern martial practitioners as the founder of the famed Neijia Kung Fu, a soft, internal martial art represented by the form of Tai Chi Chuan.

▶ Wudang Five Animal Qi Gong (Complete) 武當五行氣功 - YouTube

Wudang Daoyuan Internal Kungfu Academy--Nanyan Temple,Taichi,Bagua,Xingyi,Qigong

Interview with a monk I'm shooting a movie about Taoism in China. White cloud temple (白雲觀), Beijing, China 2013. Oleg V. Dragon Semenets