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Happiness= a yummy smelling candle in the winter

Morning all & happy Wednesday I've been feeling rather exhausted a lot lately I've been juggling quite a bit I'm still battling the headaches & migraines and I'm sleeping a lot... I guess I really need to slow down. Christmas is 3 short weeks away and I am looking forward to it time to recharge. All of this to say that if I'm a little quiet over here it's because I'm very much in hibernation mode

This offering is for a set of 3 vintage Shiny Brite glass ball ornaments with flocking. These great ornaments are a little bigger than the usual and in nice vintage condition. There is the expected bit of fading and color loss but no chips or cracks to the ornaments themselves. They measure 2.75 inches in diameter. I am happy to combine ship and refund shipping overages of $1.00 or more. Thank you for looking! To return to my shop, please click below:

Hunter S. Tomcat is sitting in the chair next to me and he has this enormous grin of contentment and I thought, I should share this, but then I realized I haven’t cleaned the cat fur off the seat cushion in 3 days so it looks filthy, but whatever.  A little bit of filth should not stand in the way of happiness.  In fact, a little bit of filth is sometimes the only road to happiness.  But that’s another story.

“She was always a little bit surprised by the efforts women made to look young. She was actually very happy about growing older because it ... | AUDREY HEPBURN

I want Jesus to change my life - My name is deepty please pray for me....I want Jesus to talk control of my life. I'm very down.emotional problem,no happiness,no financial ,husband don't have good salary,husband is very bad,always rude n don't respect my parents...I want to best friend vishan is avoiding me....I just want to be a little bit happy.I want to tease a little bit happiness I in my life...pray �for me friends please.pray� Posted at…

HOW TO BE A HAPPIER PERSON. HOW TO BECOME A HAPPIER PERSON. / How to be happy can be contributed by things you, say, think and so forth. So what if you changed some of the things you do and did them a little bit different .how to be happy, how to become a happy person #hapiness #happy

Sometimes a little silliness is all you need to get a better perspective of life’s challenges. Silliness is the carefree, sometimes crazy, and often misunderstood stepsister of happiness. May you be a friend to both, and smile your way through life’s twists and turns.