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I wouldn't be surprised if she did

I wouldn't be surprised if she did

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One day this will happen<he's not a penguin anymore:(<penguins are my favorite animal but not because of Luke

This is so cute But I'm sad that Luke is not a penguin anymore Because he's my favorite and penguins are my favorite animal

So proud :-) but at the same time, I'm internally screaming "Noooooooooo! It's starting!"

Vlog Squad on

I just stopped because I know you'll say no now.  @kryschris77

And this is when you sneak it into the cart when she's bussy :)

“ TheAMAs: EEEK! They’re here! They’re here! @5SOS are here! ALERT THE #5SOSFAM NOW!  ”

Ashton's legs are so muscly and thick compared to everyone else's

Oh how wonderful that would be...I would marry a boy who bought me tickets to see my favorite band

If a person really loved me, they'd now I'd wanna hear the pink option xD