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ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Turkish warplanes carried out a number of airstrikes Monday night in the mountains of Sidakan, targeting Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) positions, and putting the lives of many local villagers in danger. According to the mayor of Sidakan, Karwan Karim Khan, two warplanes...

The Kurds within Iraq have constantly been seen as a threat to the Iraqi government. This was intensified when there was a rise of the Kurdish army with the start of the Iran-Iraq war and the fact that Kurdish land has economic significance.With the outbreak of war between Iraq and Iran, the Iraqi regime seized the opportunity of Kurdish to rid Iraq of its "kurdish problem." Within late February and early September Iraqi forces killed between 50,000 to 100,000 Kurds.

Hall of Mirrors, Amna Suraka (Red Security) Museum, Slemani, Iraqi Kurdistan -- The pieces of broken mirror represent the 182,000 victims of the Anfal campaign(the Kurdish Genocide), and the lights represent the 5000 Kurdish villages wiped off the map.

Yarsani Kurds (in Iraq they are called "Yazidis") believers of "Yazdânism", the pre-islamic religion of the Kurds. Kirmaşan, eastern Kurdistan. © Mohsen Rashidi & Fuad Goodarzi

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Turkey has brought back some 300 Turkish families from Ukraine and resettled them in embattled Kurdish areas in the southeastern part of the country in an apparent attempt to change the demographic makeup of the region.   Due to military confrontations between...

This picture went around the world in 1988 after Saddam's gas attack on Halabja during his Anfal campaign. Little is heard about the gassing of Sardasht that took place before Halabja and took about as many lives.