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Alyse says - Feel Free to Share: Today was my big day turning the big 4-0...I thank everyday for Plexus and after a year of losing the weight and keeping it off, I look forward to what tomorrow brings. started: sz18/20 215lbs now: sz10 157lbs

Loving what plexus slim has done for me! it has helped me so much an other ways then #1 weight loss yes it's helped me lose weight that's just a plus it has done so much more then that for me in just 3 months have lost 24 pounds , down 7 pants sz, so it's just the start for me can't wait to hat else happens with plexus slim in my life now !!if you haven't started an thinking about it do yourself a favor an start now !!! You won't regret it!!!!!

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Plexus is an all natural way to lose weight and get healthy. Just one pink drink and two accelerator pills 30 minutes before breakfast and that's it. Plexus melts fat not muscle.for more information visit my website at or call (573)429-8333

Lesli says ~ I started Plexus Slim in July of 2013. At my biggest I was 350 pounds, depressed, and not happy with my life. I decided to take a prescription weight pill but had to come off it when I had my gallbladder removed one year ago and the surgeon was concerned about my liver. When they checked my liver levels they were high. I have lost 45 pounds and numerous inches. I still have a long ways to go but I know Plexus will help me get there.

Coach Ronnie Cuevas was a high school coach for 35 years, he was in so much back pain he had to be driven around in a golf cart on the field. He was also on 4 insulin shots a day for his type 2 diabetes. He has lost 58 pounds and is off all his shots, insulin free and pain free.

Rainy started her Plexus journey getting ready for her wedding. Little did she know how Plexus would change her life!! She has lost 86 lbs. and FEELS GREAT!!!