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Eucabreeze by on @DeviantArt

Krubble –> Krabboul –> Capareef Water, Water, Water / Rock Artist: LuisBrain

slovenskiy: Rock type Eeveelution. I wanted to make it pretty~ It looks like it’s covered in rock candy <3 Let’s dub it Quarreon.

Eevee –> Spireon Evolves from male Eevee with a Dawn Stone. Ghost Source. Artist: Rueme

Mary. She lives in the past. She comes from a village of bug types she was the princess there but she had to leave to find her family she's still looking open

Fakemon.... but this one should be real! Great work! And if the artist is reading this I really want you to know that I really liked this.

Eevee –> Brezeon Evolves from a female Eevee with the Dawn Stone. Flying Source. Artist: Rueme

I Would Play the Heck Out of Pokémon Serenity and Anarchy

GSC Beta Starter Water 1st Evo - Danryusu by Endrasa on DeviantArt