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Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) season 1 supernatural "Faith"

Color version: Jared, Jensen, and Misha in Rogue Magazine. Repost from…

When you strip away all the excess, this is essentially the plot of the whole show in one pin.

Dean Winchester: except you don’t know if you can this time. you can’t kill the devil, and you’re losing faith, in yourself, your brother. I wish I could tell you something different. #spn

1.12 | Faith 2.01 | In My Time of Dying 4.15 | Death Takes a Holiday 10.23 | Brother’s Keeper THANK YOU. Crowley: (hands Dean a small scythe) "Death’s own. Kills, golly, demons and angels and reapers and, rumor has it, the very thing itself". - 5x21 Two Minutes to Midnight --Crowley told Dean how to kill Death 5 years ago.

Find out how to activate the supernatural power of God in your life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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They were perfect. SO perfect, if there was ONE girl I'd pick for Sam, it was this lady right here... UGH! DAMN YOU SPN WRITERS!

3 times Dean Winchester was wrong ... LOL ^_^ #Dean Winchester #Supernatural