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Cnd shellac in beckoning begonia and ice vapor tips. Love the shine and sparkle!

Get the Look: The Evening Ponytail

Olivia's relaxed evening ponytail is easy to replicate and complements every look.

Vicks vaporub home remedies

My dog Bama had a cough last week, every morning and night I would rub his chest with Vicks, give him a spoonful of natural honey and a hug.....he was better in bout 3 days. Not only works on 2 legged people, but also my little 4 legged person also!!

Homemade Vapor Rub

A simple, homemade recipe for vapor rub. This recipe is so easy to make and keeps for a year. My go-to rub for all cold and sinus congestion. As well as headaches.

Homemade Vicks Shower Disks

Homemade Vicks Shower Disks. Pop one in your shower for a slow menthol release that helps stuffy noses and heads.

Soothing Vapor Bath Soak

Blog post at The Taylor House : When cold and flu season hits there is very little that can bring you comfort besides some good medicine and a hot bath or shower. If you ar[..]