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The aim of this review is to describe the role of nuclear imaging modalities using different radiotracers such as labeled nor-cholesterol, metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) and deoxy-glucose (FDG) in the diagnostic evaluation of patients with adrenal tumours to perform lesion characterization in comparison with MR imaging.

Journal of Advances in Radiology and Medical Imaging (JARMI) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal which provides an advanced research on Radiology and Medical Imaging, focusing on Advances in Therapeutic Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology, Biomedical imaging analysis and Novel image processing systems, etc.

Dr. Jiang He is working as associate professor in the Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging at University of Virginia, US.

Dr. Weibin Shi is an Associate Professor of Radiology & Medical Imaging in the University of Virginia, a renowned public university in the United States.

Dr. Amolak Singh is working as a Professor and Interim Chairman of Radiology department at University of Missouri Health Care, US.

Dr. Bruno Amato is working as associate profesor and Director Head of Health Department of General Surgery and Geriatric, Diagnostic and Operative Endoscopy of the University Hospital "Federico II" of Naples, He completed post Iaurea interned at the Institute of Surgical Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine at University of Naples Chirurgiadell'università.

Dr. Nagesh Shukla is a researcher in the area of Healthcare Systems Engineering domain, particularly in the areas of data analytics, simulation modelling and computational intelligence.

Dr. Kerry M. Link is a Professor of radiology and section Head of Cardiothoracic Imaging in the Division of Radiologic Sciences at Wake Forest University, US.

Dr. Simone Maurea is working as Associated Professor, Diagnostic Imaging at the Università Federico II, Italy. He completed his PhD in Nuclear Medicine at Università La Sapienza

Dr. Chang Ming Charlie Ma is Professor, Director of Radiation Physics and Vice Chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center, PA.