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Ciara Elm, one of the 12 protecters lf the Universe

My three main ocs. Mika Renee Hiro - The risk taker Sapphire Oak - The Tactician andStar Sapphire - The Calm One

Yay! That's Sapphire Oak and her team! Absol, Gardevoir(Shiny), Blaziken, Frogadier, Aegislash, and Emolga

Another Sapphire Oak, she attends Heartstring School for Demons, Deities, and all tings alike! She's the God of Purity

An unfinished version of Sapphire with short hair >.> I'll post the finished one tomorrow~ #Meow

I did this for Art Class XD I drew Levi along cause Levi... And I just put Levi as the License plate number because why nawt lol

Mika, a student at Heartstring High :) She is a Time Nymph, just in her human form right now.