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A Ghost's Story by Lorna Gibb - YouTube

Prompt -- a private detective gets hired by a woman to solve a murder. he then learns the woman that hired him was the victim - and she died a year ago today

He finds out how he got the donated heart. Now does he do everything possible to complete what the donor was trying to do before she became deceased?

Prompt! Story Prompt this is THE best short story prompt Ever! (maybe coming to a Figment near you)

<< "Don't tell my how to live my death!!" *silence* "um, ya know that doesn't make sense, right?" "ah, shut up."

How many other places can you guys think of?

July 2016-Horror Prompts-Writing Prompt-A scream echoes outside. One by one, the houses on the street go dark. My house is next.

(open rp someone be the human kid any gender ) I followed him/her around most of the time because one day I caught a soccer ball that was coming towards the kid. some kids at the school ask he/her to make things float and I do it. I only wish someone could see me or at least him/her. Today a girl asked if him/her could make her pencils float so I juggled them in the air for her.

Writing prompts from Tumblr

Why am I only thinking of Sherlock… hmm I wonder how much more emotional damage I can cause myself