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Retro Dresses

Diva Ashley can't get enough of the Green Kimono print! #trashydivagreenkimono #trashydivaannadress

Literally just about to go through this for the first time! The waiting is killing me tho!

~αи∂ ι мιѕѕ уσυ мσяє тнαи αиутнιng ιи тнιѕ ωσяℓ∂~

CC face there lol but he's still a cutie. And Ash, oh baby you're freaking HOT!!!

OMG MY TWO BIAS'S!! I can't even Jimin is ugh & Yoongi is ugh lmao I'm speechless! But Yoongi my main bias !! Hehe.

I fucking wish. It's not all about Andy. I do love Andy but you can't forget what makes a band a band, the members. Not just the lead singer.

THIS JUST DESERVES REPINNING FOR DAYSSSS<<<There are no bigger shippers of Captain Swan than Colin and Jen. They're the true captains of the ship!!