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Diva Ashley can't get enough of the Green Kimono print! #trashydivagreenkimono #trashydivaannadress

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What kind of Female Disney Monarch would you be?

Pfft, I don't even try. If people don't wanna see me fangirl, then I don't wanna see them.<---BLHAHHAHAHAHHA

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Gift Ideas for the #Sherlock Fangirl in Your Life! #SherlockLives

I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high functioning fangirl. Do your research. Seriously. Cause it makes a huge difference.

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Can anyone ask @кαуℓєу✨ why she blocked me???? I don't know why and I wanted to know, Thanks <3

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Hmm, good idea (20 photos)

This helps to know That it's not just me that tahnks that in school (lol):)

The person who write this post literally said thank you and you're saying it was ruined?

I don't care about the haters or immunity I want this gif of Ashley


Ugh, couples…

Four x Tris (Divergent) Percy x Annabeth (Percy Jackson) Day x June (Legend) Almost any HP duo And many more...

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31 Jokes Only "Stranger Things" Fans Will Find Funny