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Michael Clayton trailer Some movies move you and you are not sure why. Michael Clayton is that type of movie for me. Maybe it is because I've worked for years in the corporate world and understand how soul-sucking it can be. The acting is incredible; the story understated but profound.

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Michael Clayton (2007)

Michael Clayton (2007). A law firm brings in its "fixer" (George Clooney) to remedy the situation after a lawyer has a breakdown while representing a chemical company that he knows is guilty in a multi-billion dollar class action suit.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Trailer-first saw this when I was 13. It remains one of my favorite films.

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Beauty and the Beast (VHS, 1992)

Disney's Beauty and The Beast My favorite Disney movie. I always loved the story.

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Happy Holidays: 10 Must-Watch Holiday Movies

Arguments will always come up about whether It's a Wonderful Life is a christmas film or not. I honestly don't give a damn. I'll watch this movie on Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July and on Halloween, and it will still have me in awe of how beautiful and pure it is. Do yourself a favor and avoid the color version of this film, it is as if the characters of Rainbow Brite puked all over it. Watch it in its pure black and white glory.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind A2 Giclee Print

favorite. movie. ever. Poster by Peter Strain.