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'Paul Eccles' drawing a man with a beard is challenging but very rewarding. The portrait is approximately 10" x 12" I charge £50 for an individual portrait. Please allow approximately 1 week for completion and delivery.

#SavageSanta #HoHoHo I mainly perform standing barbell shoulder presses but when I use dumbbells I stand the F up and go full range . Everybody wants abs but will use every machine and sit on benches . Do as many exercises you can standing up and watch your abs pop . Standing up is a vertical plank go figure . WOD: Savage Boulder Shoulders 2015-12-15 . A. 2 DB Alternating Standing Shoulder Press: 4 x 10 Stay Savage my friends . _________________________ #deezify #powerlifting #fitness…

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is running its own startup, to help guide a bunch of other startups. Through a series of videos, the WSJ will take vistors through a documentary style journey or the ups and downs of building a technology business. It's quite likely that you'll see some of these companies in the next frontier.

how to draw a labrador puppy step by step | Wildlife Art and Pet Portraits by Canadian Nature and Animal Artist ...

Elephant by MistyCascade on DeviantArt

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