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This is David Tennant. David Tennant is one of the Doctors on Doctor Who, who just so happens to be my favorite doctor. He's witty! He also dresses nice.

I've probably already pinned this, but this is one of my favorite scenes in all of NuWho. David and Bernard are just wonderful together.

The doctor and his mother. MY TEARS. His eyes, as he realizes. From rage, to pain and sadness; he looks so lost. He's destroyed his people once, INCLUDING HIS MOTHER! She's lived in the locked time war, knowing that her son was their greatest enemy. She's looking at her son, the war criminal, and knowing he'll kill her again, and he knows too, and they both know it is right. But this, this is the first time they've faced each other in who knows how long, and he's about to kill them. Again.

Click on it. (Best gig EVAR) This is what happiness looks like....oh will always be MY Doctor..

from BuzzFeed

31 Signs Eleven Is Your Doctor

more specifically: When I make a Doctor Who allusion and no one in the room knows what I did there.