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BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 2, The Web Planet, The Centre , The Web Planet: The Centre

Yep.. The Doctor and Donna's relationship outlined in one scene.. the perfect example of why I loved them together in Doctor Who

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Timey is not a word, we disagree -

Doctor Who humor

IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! One of the best gifs ever, from the Doctor Who episode 'Midnight.'

Doctor Who meets Harry Potter

Just stand there cause I'm gonna hug you. Is that alright?

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But there are uplifting moments and funny moments too, but yes there are lots of tears.

Labor camps. To me, this is one of the scariest scenes in all of Doctor Who. There are no Daleks, no Angels, no Silence-there's just humans. And humans can be the very worst monsters of all.

All day awful things have been happening to him. For a long time nothing good has come to him. And now just when hes ready to give up a boy named Alonzo shows up. Just his name is enough to pull him through it. He has been using this catchphrase since the day he lost Rose Tyler and now, finally he gets to say it..Say it for Rose Tyler.