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La comunión de María de los Reyes Sánchez Gómez. Fallecida hace 15 años, es la madre de mi esposa Macarena y de otros nueve hijos más.

Ratna Sari Dewi Sukarno........... (Naoko Nemoto) (B.1940)......... Businesswoman, Socialite............ Philanthropist,TV Personality........ Wife-IndonesianPresidentSukarno,

Comunión en Sevilla en 1948 de Mari Reyes Gómez Sánchez, la primera de diez hermanos, de los que mi mujer Macarena es la última, Poco después de esta foto le destinaron a mi suegro que era militar de aviación a Tetuán, donde nacerían varios de sus hijos.

Masked Harley owner Camilo Sanchez participates in Cuba's first national gathering in honor of the Harley Davidson motorcycle in Varadero, Cuba, Saturday April 14, 2012. Cuba's "Harlistas" are just as passionate as their American counterparts, but like the owners of rumbling 1950s Detroit classic cars that still prowl the streets of Havana, vintage Harley fans have had to get creative to keep their bikes road-worthy. (AP Photo/Franklin Reyes)

“Oh,” he said. “It’s just chalkboard paint.” I turned, the room was covered from ceiling to floor with the stuff. The smooth gray surface had occasional chalk dust smatterings across it. There were various trays of chalk and erasers positioned at about elbow height pinned to the walls. On top of the paint, there were mathematical formulas far more advanced than I’d seen.--Thief

This is like saying, how dare you call me gay. It was a mistake, whatever. But don't think that just bc I'm not apart of lgbt, that I don't support equal rights on all platforms.