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The fox and the rabbit. Adorable. Although in real life, the rabbit is probably dead and the fox is just protecting dinner...


Les animaux les plus heureux du monde qui vous donneront envie de sourire

I took a picture of my BFF Maddy cheesin. She didn't know I had a camera but she is just so photogenic you would never know! This literally just happened. I am savoring the moments that I spend with her because she is the best. Savor.

Amazon Milk Frog (Trachycephalus resinifictrix). The 'milk' in the name comes from the milky fluid they excrete when stressed.

Selkirk Rex aka cat in sheep's clothing,one of only 4 breeds of cat. Originated in Montana , 1987, in a litter born to a rescued cat. The only unusual coated kitten was taken to a cat breeder. There are long and short hair versions of the Selkirk.