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Even though he was standing in a downpour, his hair still had the audacity to look flawlessly groomed. His white shirt beneath his open great coat was soaked and clinging to his chest rebelliously. Molly’s mouth went suddenly dry. author @


I Like Big IQ’s And I Cannot Lie

I don't know who these people in the photo are, but this is me all the way. I was never that attracted to a man for his looks... sure, a hard body and style sense are nice to look at... for maybe 30 minutes. I ALWAYS liked the SMART ones.

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BBC Sherlock Holmes Keep Calm Poster

I know every scene, every word, every movement, use refs in everyday life. I am becoming embarrasingly SHERlocked and BORED! Only four months until the end of 2013 and then a few more weeks. We are the fandom that waits for Sherlock!