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If you post your picture on the internet, are you in essence giving your consent for it to be re-posted? M3 Contributors weigh in on the etiquette, social protocol and consequences of posting personal information online.

M3 BEAR ESSENTIALS: In a long term relationship (10+ years) do you think it's fair for one or both partners to be curious about what it would be like to have additional sexual partners? @MaleMediaMind Contributors discuss the different levels of importance in which couples weigh monogamy.

Would you date someone who is still living with their ex? @MaleMediaMind contributors weigh in on making the decision to continue cohabiting with an ex long after the relationship has eclipsed.

M3 BEAR ESSENTIALS: M3 HOT TOPICS @MaleMediaMind contributors weigh in on current trending topics such as Long Distance Relationships, grey hair on men, inappropriate erections and their thoughts on the leather scene.

@MaleMediaMind contributors and special Guest Ali Lopez weigh in on the Florida’s reputation and discuss whether the racist and bigoted accusations are urban myth or urban reality.

@MaleMediaMind contributors weigh in on older gays living single v. “Golden Girls” style roommating it and treating your boyfriend like he’s your husband.

M3 BEAR ESSENTIALS: IS BILL COSBY A RAPIST? Do you think Bill Cosby's career will ever recover from the recent accusations of sexual misconduct? @MaleMediaMind contributors weigh in on pathways for all involved to recover.