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from Frenchy Fancy

Nuances de bleu & style industriel

Nuances de bleu & style industriel - FrenchyFancy Camille Hermand Architectures Photo : Jennifer Sath

from lovinglifeandbeingabitch

Romantic Era/Victorian Era/Edwardian Era

Corset Silhouette Timeline 1900-1919

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After nearly 1900 years at the bottom of Lake Nemi one of Emperor Caligula's two luxurious ships is salvaged. The 70m x 40m floating palaces contained quantities of marble mosaic floors heating and running water. 1932 [1600 x 1200]


50 Fabulous Pictures of Women’s Street Style from the 1920s

Street scene, Washington, D.C, 1924. Found on


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Russian Court dress. Lady-in-Waiting Elizabeth Tolstaya in her Ceremonial Court dress.