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Tae Choi (UK) Aile Strike is battle ready to defend my workstation.. will he succeed...

Sayem Ahmed (UK) I was going for a sorta fun, almost 'angry' anime styled pose for my GM Striker, hence the cantered angle

Ashish Rao (USA) The kit shown in the picture is the High Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame (flight unit), piloted by Lowe Guele in Gundam Seed Destiny Astray. This is in fact only my second kit. The suit is seen on an action base with it's optional flight unit, wielding a beam rifle, a shield, and a unique double-beam weapon

Juan Reyes. My Astray Red Frame Gold Armor on my favorite anime character Saitoh Hajime from Rurouni Kenshin doing his Gatotsu Stance

Ariana (Philippines) I posed it like this to make g portent look more... majestic because it fits the whole fairy-like theme the Gundam is giving off

Apollo Aung Min (Singapore) I took it during the Gundam Docks At Singapore Event, and since it's a fun kit to build, I figured I should take some photos of it in the event; it's like a Gunpla being in a battle in the real world.

Daniel (Indonesia) here's my MG Aile Strike with the box art's pose just playing with the angle and turn the shield in oposite way

Azrel Solicito (Philippines) This is one of the photos I am most proud of, I took this really early in the morning on the roof of my house xD it's all natural light and background. It is not much of an action pose, but I really want to make it look like it's soaring in the sky.

Renz Christopher Ambos (Philippines) This one's firing the bazooka that the recoil really affected its stance.