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Kai (Canada) Here's my submission for the gunpla posing contest! Just trying out an aerial charging pose with the HGUC Anksha, something like a shield bash with the right movable shield binder and getting ready to stab with the rifle like a beam saber with the other.

Drew Yamada (USA) The kit I selected for your posing contest is the ever fickle High Grade Harute from Gundam 00 - A Wakening of the Trailblazer. I think the cannons are supposed to be pointed up, but it felt much more dynamic to have them under his arms like that.

Achmad Lintang Wiranandha (Indonesia) Gunpla Posing Contest Inbox x Ahmad Lintang <> AttachmentsSep 9 to me Hi, Mr. ZakuAurelius! My name is Achmad Lintang Wiranandha from Indonesia. A week ago, I stumble upon your youtube video announcing about Gunpla Posing Contest. I'm so excited to participate on this contest. So I decided to send my HG Astray Blue Frame Second L, because I've recently purchased it, and so far I love it so much.

Leon Lai (Malaysia) "This photo was taken half way during building the kit, I was thinking about to rest myself so why don't the Gunpla do the same too? Rest is to walk further, same goes to building Gunpla."

Jairo Hernandez (Costa Rica) This is my second gunpla build. But it is the same as the first. 7 years after building the MG Unicorn Ver. Ka that got pretty messed up after an earthquake I decided to go back to Gunpla with the kit that got me in to this so long ago.

Hao (USA) Here is my Amazing Red warrior. My Gunpla pose represent his final blow against his enemy. The Amazing Red warrior should always have an amazing ending.

Gary Yang (USA) The picture I am submitting for the contest is a MG Astray Red Frame, who is getting ready to draw the Gerbrea Straight and unleash its power.

Niko Alakastari (Finland) Here is a photo of my HGCE Aile Strike. Why I chose this one even tho it doesn't have panel lines or anything is purely because of its poseability. I am not yet very good at posing kits but this time I tried to pose it all by myself without checking google etc. for tips and tricks.