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It’s time to act. If India needs to emerge from this darkness, then the feminine needs to reclaim its honor. It’s time for the emergence of the aggressive feminine. The solution to any crisis always has its roots in its spirituality. No enactment of law or “education” can make the transition if individually we are broken. If we are to be whole again then the other half of the sky needs to shine its light. A thought visualized.

Everything we see and experience is a product of our conditioning. We cannot expect others to see our point of view, or to understand where we come from and in that same breath we have to acknowledge our limitation in truly understanding the perspective of another. There is no right or wrong. You may see a dinner plate and a bowl, I may see a hat, but we are not here to argue what it is but to marvel at each other’s perspectives and together enrich our lives. A thought visualized.

The UAE national flag has been in my house since my son brought it home from school a couple of years ago. I thought, tying it on my window and photographing it against the beautiful December sunset would be my way of saying “Thank you”, as this country , that has hosted me for so long celebrates, its 41st anniversary – A thought visualized

Before you gulp down Redbull next time, have a look at the Redbull can’s pull tab you just threw away. It just might have a story to tell. A thought visualized.

I watched the top spin in fascination again and again.. thrilled at the lessons it was teaching me! A thought visualized.

The city lights were distracting tonight. It was such a bright moon and it was wasted on a city that just did not care to see its beauty. So I took a picture of the moon and decided to switch off the city lights in my world. (The picture is of the moon as of tonight. I just played around with its color, so you are looking at the real thing if you missed it tonight but through my quirky eyes) - A thought visualized.

The dream occurred as it did for the last few days, she and her friend being drawn against this bright red light…drifting irresistibly towards it. It was was not clear to her that she and her friend was the dream and that she was in my mind, making up her dream, as I stared at the red light above the wall socket (indicating the plug was on) as the water kettle was heating up. A thought visualized.

Placing the lemon underneath the squeezer, one can extract more creative juices. A thought visualized.

As with all watches the dial of my watch is designed in perfect symmetry to keep track of chronological time. Yet, its reflection on my table captures the true nature of all things because it is in the timeless chaos of the present moment that life really happens -A thought visualized.