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Explore America 6Th, 6Th Edition and more!

Colonial America (6th Edition) by Jerome R. Reich,

Daytona Beach remains famous for the ability of visitors to drive on the beach and get in a good dose of people-watching and flirting as they cruise. This photo (circa 1904) shows that even then, bicycles and horses and buggies were allowed to cruise the beach!

Happened to me once. True story. Stabbed twice by his friends, after I was robbed by the first one and he ran off already.

Learn to speak Spanish, so I can visit these places and have meaningful conversations with strangers/new friends.

The first Macy's store in Manhattan, circa 1893. 204-206 14th Street, near 6th Avenue.

When people say "let's make America great again" what period of American history are they talking about? When we were a British colony with unfair taxes? When we enacted a genocide to seize control of land?...When we practiced slavery? When women could'nt vote?... When we sent thousands of our men to Vietnam to fight & die under false pretenses? Or when we did the same in Iraq 12 years ago & are still doing today? What kind of a America do you foresee us returning to when you say that…

Camp of the 6th N.Y. Artillery at Brandy Station, Virginia, showing Union soldiers in front of log company kitchen.