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Islam Got Your Tongue? | Telling the truth about Islam is the worst thing one can say about Islam, so Muslims and Islamophiles want us to lie about Islam or keep our mouths shut about it, essentially turning political correctness into Islamic correctness. You fight Islamic correctness by telling the truth about Islam every time you speak about it. I studied Islam as if my life depended on it after 9/11 and it’s no accident that non-Muslims who are most informed about Islam [...]…

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Community Post: Nice Shirt, Guy

Reposting - making sure everyone has seen this. Look at his shirt--"Islam...The Religion of Peace."-This is the islam Obama pledges to support.

TAQIYYA Islamist Muslims right according to their religion to lie to non-Muslims. So they say they don't do it, but then actually do it. That's TAQIYYA for you. JUST SAY NO TO SHARIA LAW IN THE USA, it already has enough liars in the present administration and we don't need more.

Muslim World Problems #18

U.S. Freedom Army on

3/29/2014: pinning a tweet: Embedded image permalink. Number of Muslim Mosques in USA

Muslims in Dearborn,Michigan are trying to get Sharia Law enacted. Go back to your own country America is not for you!