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I want your heart.

dialogue prompt

from The White Corner Creative

Pro Writing: Passive Voice & How it Weakens Your Writing

Having a chart similar to this and reminding students of this concept often is so important as they write, by using dialogue instead of "saying" what was said. Doing a "showing not telling" minilesson multiple times throughout the year is also a must!

Quotation Mark Showdown Task Cards (free in Laura Candler's Language Arts file cabinet)


Beyond the last station.

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from Photoshop Training Channel

Protect Your Images

When sending a copy of a project to a client, you may want to protect the file, so that it requires a password to print or edit. This will prevent your client from using it before you get paid!To protect your file save it as a PDF (File > Save As... and choose Photoshop PDF). In the Save PDF dialog box, Click "Security" and under "Permissions", you can enter a password to prevent printing, and editing.You can view the files in Acrobat, but you won't be able to print it or copy it.

from Fiction Notes

Dialogue: 4 Ways it Goes Wrong

Interesting discussion of dialogue in a novel. I like that it mentions how to fix the 4 mistakes. | by Darcy Pattison


Five minutes.

Writing prompt: He received a call asking for 5 minutes of his time. Thinking it was a sales person, and being in a good mood, he agreed. The person on the other side immediately hung up. When he looked up at the clock, he realized it was 5 minutes ahead.

Writing Prompt-Today I learned the truth behind the legend of the humans-July 2016-Dystopian Prompts