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Watch adorable puppy cam with future service dogs

Warrior Canine Connection, a therapy dog non-profit, has a live puppy cam on streaming future support dogs playing, napping and receiving training.

Doggy Weight Loss Ads

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Gund 'Boo - World's Cutest Dog' Stuffed Animal

Boo-The worlds cutest dog. Angelina is in love with this puppy. She has two of the stuffed animals and his book. Really is the cutest dog ever.

21 Quotes That Will Make You Want To Hug Your Pet

Cute Pet: Katie: "If I push too hard it's because I want things to be better, I want us to be better, I want you to be better. Sure,I make waves, I mean you have to. And I'll keep making them until you're everything you should be and will be. " -The Way W

Friday Favorites

if someone wanted to propose to me with this little derp, I would be obliged to say yes- obviously