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The Cheerful Idol | Your Anime OC - Quiz | Quotev

Just finished pokemon sun… And really want to draw grown-up Hau as kahuna! /Want to draw others kids as grown up too. UvU,,

seven and mystic messenger 이미지

My jaw. Dropped. I had to read it again. This is creepy? But AmaZInG??! I love it

Le blog de petit-manga-kawaii - ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring fillers, anime, drawings, backgrounds, doodles, text, effects, phrase, quotes and saying

from Kotaku

Helpful Tips For Drawing Manga Art

Do you like to draw manga style art? Would you like some tips? Professional artist Takuya Yoshimura is here to help out.

no credit huh? yeah that's cool. post by hyperiontrashlord.tumblr who didn't realign and color correct their cellphone snapshot to be done this way

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"I tell myself that I don't need anyone, but the truth is no one needs me.." || Anime : Anohana || Edit by Karunase || Tumblr: