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Agents of Shield

Agent Hill's best line from the SHIELD pilot. "Yeah, well, you haven't been near his arms.

They even gave us the ship name

I've been counting and they've called them Fitzsimmons NINETEEN times. I just finished the episode Turn, Turn, Turn.

I loved this because she stared yelling at him under cover for doing bad things and everyone on the train stared yell at him too! He was like what the heck!!!

One of my favorite scenes. Because of coulsons face the whole time, Simmons back story cuz we all know she's a terrible liar, and the fact Stan Lee showed up with two chicks lol

Literally what everyone thinks, but not what we say out loud!

Lincoln: What if the creature comes through instead? Hunter: We'll be waiting for them with these. Lincoln: And what if we can't kill it? Hunter: Can't speak for everyone, but I'll probably run. Marvel Agents of S.

Keep an eye on Lance || Phil Coulson, Jemma Simmons, Bobbi Morse || Agents of Comedy || #fanedit #humor <--- Hehehe!

-Try again- (Or Coulson seems unimpresed because if you crack Kids are not going to complain xD)

That's Skye in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. That town was really creepy.

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