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21 Brides And Grooms Praying Together Before Their Weddings

This is a must! Love the idea of a close up shot of just the hands too. - 21 Brides And Grooms Praying Together Before Their Weddings

Decorating vases with glitter or rhinestones or paper/glue could be way cheaper then buying them all and you get to be unique #gold wedding reception ... Wedding ideas for brides, grooms, parents & planners ... … plus how to organise an entire wedding ♥ The Gold Wedding Planner iPhone App ♥

The Groom typed twenty things he loved about his Bride. She typed 20 things she loved about him and they displayed them at the reception...

"Instead of lighting the traditional unity candle during the ceremony, the couple opted to do a God's Knot, tied with the light mint green and ivory color themes of the day. The "knot" consisted of three strands, one to represent Cristin, one for Mike, and one for God - the meaning behind was that the couple ties their life in together and with God." Unity candle alternative. Wedding ceremony.