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The SONY Walkman WM-504 Transparent. Late 80s. Still got one in mint condition, never used.

Invisible speaker design by People People

Invisible Speaker whatever you listen to...wouldn't it be great to hear it...not see it!

Can You Hear the Femur Play? Bone Audio Speakers at the Nanoscale. More articles from Nanoscience: Epistemology, Aesthetics, Comparisons and Public Perceptions of Images of Nanoscale Objects The Role of Images and Art in Nanotechnology Images and Imaginations: An Exploration of Nanotechnology Image Galleries

Whether you’re a signer, a lipreader, a hearing aid wearer or a cochlear implant user, or maybe a bit of each of those (and some other things too), there are some things that truly only happen to a deaf person. Things that simply don’t happen to everyone else. Here’s my long-held list below. How many have happened to you? on the picture to read more. It's worth reading!