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Hannah Riedel on her Adolescent Experiences: It was easier for me to communicate with men, because I could pull out the flirting mask, like the flirty or the cute girl ... a looot of trouble. ... I didnt know how to connect to other people. ... I had this void that I needed to fill. ... I had eating problems. .. I have always been drawn to Aspergers.

Girls: imitate a lot, Superficial sociability but social identity issues.with stress and anxitey; two options in adolescent: either the goody nun or the girl fed up with trying and deciding to go off the rails (promiscuity, body piercing). Gender identity issues, anorexia.

The Other Half of Asperger Syndrome was the first book ever published for partners in an Asperger relationship. In this updated second edition. Maxine Aston draws on over a decade of experience working with couples affected by Asperger Syndrome. -

We may have been labeled with seemingly polar extremes: depressed/over-joyed, lazy/over-active, inconsiderate/over-sensitive, lacking awareness/attention to detail, low-focus/high-focus. We may have poor muscle tone, be double-jointed, and lack in our motor-skills. We may hold our pencil “incorrectly.” We may have eating disorders, food obsessions, and struggles with diet. We may have irritable bowel, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and other immune-challenges.