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Bloomington MN, Lyndale and 90th

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You know, that’s a pretty good point (31 Photos)

This makes me laugh<<<< yeah, cause that's how to kill an immortal sea god. By stabbing the water.

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Horse Inexplicably Stuck in Fence

LOL this picture makes me laugh do hard I know I already pinned this but that cows face is hilarious, it's like he was playing a prank on the horse and is saying to another cow " haha jerry you getting this on camera right?"

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Terribly good puns (16 photos)

The Leopard With moves like a Jaguar. This song was playing when I found this, no joke! Why does this make me laugh??

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21 fotos que demuestran que las mamás lo saben todo

This is totally something @Vickie Cox would have done! This makes me laugh... More

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33 Dogs That Cannot Even Handle It Right Now

Just love funny animal pics

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21 Confusing Fails That Will Have You Asking "How?!"

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15 Anti-Jokes You'll Probably Hate

Anti-jokes often make me laugh more often than regular ones do.

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20 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Happy

Hey Carl, have you seen my blue-- I don't know why cats making these faces make me laugh so much but seriously every time lol

Seriously STILL the most hilarious thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!