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The Sheriff - N.C. Wyeth, 1912  From the National Museum of American Illustrators

N C Wyeth / Newell Convers Wyeth - <<>> Scribner's "The Sheriff" Book 1912

NC Wyeth (1882-1945), "The Last Stand"

"The Last Stand" -- 1907 -- Newell Convers (N. Wyeth) -- American -- No further reference provided. "Montana" The Last Stand ( McClure's Magazine, cover illustration) 1906 Oil on canvas, 50 x 34 x cm) Courtesy of Wells Fargo

N. C. Wyeth (1882 - 1945)  Scribner's, "The Moose Hunter, The Midnight Call" (1912)

N C Wyeth,Newell Convers Wyeth Scribner's, "The Moose Hunter, The Midnight Call" Wyeth, N C - 018

NC Wyeth    - Born in MA in 1882  - worked on " true, solid American subjects–nothing foreign about them " in early career, mostly westerns  - later worked on medieval and fairy tale subject matters  - most famous for his 'Treasure Island' illustrations  - created over 3,000 paintings, illustrated 112 books  - died in train accident in 194

~ by artist N C Wyeth - (western, wild wild west, native American, canoe)

N.C. Wyeth. This is incredible!

gionah: “ Rakish brigantine, N. Wyeth for Scribners - 1914 Illustration for poem of the same title by James B.