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Jake Oh screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

Jake Oh screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

Skylark by Guardsman90.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Ivan Dragunov was a soldier in the Russian military that excelled in special operations missions. Russia's government took notice of Ivan accomplishments and offered him to be part of a special exp.

(open rp) Alice hummed a bit as she walked down the room that ran the entire place, electronically wise, that is. She flipped her flash light this way and that before landing on a metal box. Carefully, she opened it to find circuit boards and wires (picture above). With a grin, Alice started meddling with it, too focussed on her goal to notice a figure approaching in the dark.

our brains are proper weird

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This is not even a joke

Cerebella, by Dennis Culver

P:R pal Dennis Culver recently joined with Chris Roberson on the new digital-first series Edison Rex, and that rollicking action story has had great new characters, all

O_O -- This is amazing! That's just makeup!

Robot leg makeup

Funny pictures about Impressive robot leg make-up. Oh, and cool pics about Impressive robot leg make-up. Also, Impressive robot leg make-up.

happily // ✧

happily // ✧

Long arms by cliff-rathburn

more space stuff.

Captain Gamma by CAPTAIN-GAMMA on DeviantArt

CAPTAIN GAMMA ORIGIN Lieutenant Zuberi Abiome, a member of the UNSC special forces was bombarded by transphasic energy waves caused by an ex.

Challenger photo Challenger72.jpg

Challenger photo Challenger72.jpg