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Despite popular belief, a camel's hump stores not water, but fat - about 80 pounds of it. With this energy supply on its back, camel can go several days without eating. As it goes through the fat store, the hump shrinks and gets flabby. It gets firm again after the animal refuels.

The exquisite renderings of flora and fauna by Edith Holden decorate this collection in all their delicate detail. Keenly observed and exquisitely drawn birds perch among berry vines nearby their nest. Resting over a gauzy pink ground as if pulled directly from her Nature Notes Diary, these birds will be a special pleasure for any naturalist. Larger birds are about 3", from 'The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady' by Camelot Cottons.

Colorful birds - Raggiania bird-of-paradise