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Mark Hyman, MD: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need (The HuffingtonPost doesn't have a proper "Pin It" Button --  thus the lack of photo here -- but this article is AWESOME and is a huge nod to Paleo-type eating. LOVE to see this dialogue on a national level!)

The Last Diet You Will Ever Need

Most people don't care enough to make a difference. Most people aren't going to buy that new thing you're selling. Most people are afraid to take action. Most people are too self-involved to do the generous work you're hoping for.

So sad what had happened NEVER try drugs it will tear your life apart Repost this if you are against drugs or feel bad for these people

She Lost Her Brother To An Overdose But What She Wrote In Her School Assignment Is Heartbreaking.

GET YOUR MASK READY NOV 5, 2016!!! Anonymous: URGENT MESSAGE: https://youtu.be/S5EGCJ4_9pg

sorry for the inconvenience we are trying to change the world, social change revolution activism

You are the Revolution | Anonymous ART of Revolution

When is this going to happen ? Are we waiting for something? We can not trepass or false accuse. To claim illegal Fracking.or to stop TRAPPING our lands Animals.

The internet and mainstream "media" have made things worse! News programs are entertainment and are allowed to lie to their audience! "Celebrities" are glorified while real heroes are ignored. Commercials sell you crap you don't need to make your life "perfect". People spew their hatred anonymously online or repeat lies and misinformation because it fits their viewpoint. Believe nothing unless you research it yourself!

Especially when big money lies & orders their lobbyists & politicians to lie & create fear & divide the US. Wake Up America!

They control the Newspapers Radio Tv and Movies | Anonymous ART of Revolution

They control the Newspapers Radio Tv and Movies Anonymous ART of Revolution