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You can into my life and completely shook up my calm and you love me! How crazy is that!



The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie. Keep speaking the truth. [source unknown]

The opinion which other people have of you is their problem not yours.

Look in the mirror! Actively try to change how you think of things, of others, and of the world. THEN we can talk about changing society

HEALING // taking time to consider this quote this morning. It's so much easier to be the pattern. Easier to not look deeply at our wounds at our current souls condition. It's easy to gossip to allow ourselves to dip into comparisons to be swayed by the promise of money or fame it's easier to shut people out and assume we know who they are it's easy to label everything and put it in a little box. It's easy and it's dangerous to stay on the easy path. Breaking the pattern takes time and…

Ooooooo! On point! The guilty get mad! That's why what you say doesn't effect me, in fact we laugh at you! Because you are just the same...almost more pathetic! Fun to fuck with you! We get a kick out of it. On my page like flies on shit My biggest fan!!! Awwww

Everyone will find out your lies.....If he is such a deadbeat then lets take a paternity test!! You just don't want everyone to realize that you are a liar who has blamed a kid on my husband for 7 years now. FYI when it comes back not his you have to pay him all of the child support "you are not getting" back!

So true.. In the hectic fast paced world we live in, people are so geared to wanting to have the last word, it seems that they are predisposed to planning what to say next rather than listening.