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Don't let yellow teeth ruin your upcoming chrismas holiday, Schedul an appointment and cleaning today. For an initial consultation you can freely contact us at (773) 868-9200 and (773) 284-1645. Our friendly and understanding dentist explain each and every detail of the procedure.

Dental Implants - The Secrets for Getting Smile Restoration You want. Nobody want to live with missing teeth so, replace your beautiful smile with dental implants. Schedule your appointment now at 773-284-1645 or 773-868-9200.

Dental Implants Restoration at affordable prices in Chicago. Call Now (773) 284-1645, (773) 868-9200 to Schedule an Appointment

Dental Fillings are a common dental problem that used to extend the life of a tooth and protect it. Call on 773-284-1645 or 773-868-9200 and try our INTERACTIVE dental filling procedure.

Know all about the teeth whitening and restores natural tooth color and bleaching whitens beyond the natural color. Schedule an appointment now at 773-284-164 or 773-868-920

If required, the doctors from ALL dental specialties will consult with each other to make sure that our patients are receiving the best quality of care possible.

Nice Teeth Dental Pictures Wow .. its amazing what you can find while searching out images for porcelain veneers and more

Plaque also can attack fillings and other restorations in your mouth, which can lead to more costly treatment down the road. - See more at:

¿Con qué frecuencia usas la seda dental? Debes hacerlo mínimo una vez al día para eliminar los restos de comida que se quedan entre los dientes.