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His behavior is one of a spoilt brat taking his frustrations out on everything he can destroy just to gloat ― "See, I can f%#k up anything I like"... that's the trouble with adolescent brains, they have absolutely no comprehension of the consequences of their irresponsible behavior..。

Slytherin knows me well.

Not sure how I feel about BuckyNat (I know it's in the comics but still) not against it, it's kinda cute. Still deciding if I ship it

Surely it is not true that anyone can become a lover/partner with anyone else, and that being the case then whilst I agree you can be happy with more than one, you still need to find one whose soul talks the same language as your soul!!

I can never remember which one is good and which one is bad!

تلك إحدى أمنياتي، أصدقاء من كل مكان في العالم

.---Dude, this is me. continued: me: and if I refuse? dark me: you won't. me: hah, well, can't argue with you there~~~!

According to Stephen King it already is a classic so you can already think of your knowledge as intellectual even if others don't