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When someone uses your driveway to turn around

This is what I think when I use someone else's driveway to turn around. :D Funny Pictures Of The Day – 33 Pics

"Eyes Bigger Than Stomach" Mug

"Eyes Bigger Than Stomach" Mug

Via Facebook ~ Outer banks,  NC

Why must I prove that I am me to pay my bills over the phone? Do strangers call to pay my bills, and if they do, why don't you let them? Feel free to call and pay my bills any time!

Sarah C. Andersen ☆

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Funny pictures about Manicure Vs. Oh, and cool pics about Manicure Vs. Also, Manicure Vs.

Let's be honest it wouldn't have supported both of them. I hate when people try to prove things wrong like this.

Let's be honest.there was room for two. But let's be honest again.I would have left Leo too lol. Thanks for wasting WAY too much of my time to watch that crap movie James "Douchebag" Cameron

Lol or when I splurge one day and I check to see if I've gained weight! Either way I always check! Lol ✔

Why can't I have a summer body while eating chocolate and drinking wine?

As someone who does not enjoy all these holiday festivities

As someone who does not enjoy all these holiday festivities

typical introvert, like me. The only reason I get up in the morning for school, is because I want to go to college.

Heart Vs. Brain

Heart Vs. Brain (By Awkward Yeti)

Gotham needs me HAHAHA Heart Vs. Brain (By Awkward Yeti) draw your otp doing all these lol